Type & Temperament since 1985

Top results 2012

               2012 in figures

One title of Europasieger, Dortmund Germany
One title of Jahressieger, Sahrbrücken Germany 

One BIS - schnauzerspecial Saarbrücken Germany
One Groupwinner and BIS 3, nat.dogshow Seveso Italy

                   BOB and no. 2 in the group int.dog show Remo Italy
                   BOB int. dogshow Torino Italy
                   BOB Roskilde int.dogshow
                   BOB int.dogshow Wels Austria
                   BOB 3 x Brno int.dogshow
                   BOB 2 x Pragh int.dogshow
                   BOB Wieselberg, Austria int.dog show
                   BOB int.dogshow Augsburg, Germany

Two International Championships
Two Danish Championships
One Italian Championship
One Czech Championship
One Finnish Championship
One Nordic Championship
One Italian Club Championship
One Austian Championship
One German Championship
One VDH-Championship

3 Danish Certificates
Several BOS in diff. countries

                                                      THANKS !!!