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Top results 2013


12.1   TOP DOG CZ competition, no.4 in group 2 Intch Starlings Kashmir Owned by Astronaut kennels - Mirka S. Czechoslovakia

12.1   BOB, N0 2 in the group 'Champion of Champions' CZ, Intch Starlings Kashmir

13.3  BOB Int.Nürnberg Intch Starlings Kashmir

4.5    BOB,  No 2 in the group  Int. St. Gallen Intch Starlings Westerley Conway, owned by L. Kunderfranco - Italy

5.5    BOB, no. 2 in the group  Int. St. Gallen Intch Starlings Westerley Conway

1.6    BIS  Nat. Club Show Intch Starlings Westerley Conway

8.6    BOB  Nordlandssiegerschau Intch Starlings Kashmir

9.6    Jahressiegerauslese: DCH &VDHCH: Intch Starlings Kashmir

14.7  BOB, BIS3 KSA Schau Sinsheim Intch.Starlings Westerley Conway

18.8   Second best male res.CACIB DKK Bornholm CH Starlings Saybia

18.8  DKK Bornholm: certifikat Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

15.9  Second best male, CACIB SKK Sofiero Starlings Saybia

21.9  BOS, CACIB KBHV13 DKK Ballerup Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 'Clara'

Clara is the 35.th Starling champion !

28.9   GRAND Champion, nat.speciality show CZ Intch Starlings Kashmir

29.9   BOS &AUSTRIAN Champion Klubsieger Klubshau Østrig Intch Starlings Westerley Conw.

11.10 BUNDESSIEGER 2013 Dortmund, Intch. Starlings Westerley Conway

26.10 BEST PROGENY CLASS reg.clubshow CZ Starlings Kashmir

26.10 BOB VDH int. Hannover CH Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

26.10 BOS and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION,  VDH int. Hannover CH Schnauzer-Huset Romano 'Louis'

Many thanks to all of you for showing the Starlings SO well !

Mery Christmas & Happy New Year