www.catarakt.dk is created by Merete Stæhr-Nielsen, who is also responsible for the site. The AHT ( Animal Health Trust) has approved the site, which has been available since Mai 2010.

The site comes in six languages

The aims of the site are both to inform about the future development of a DNA-test for heriditairy cataract ( HC) on the Miniature Schnauzer, but also to instruct how to do the swaptest on the HC-dog and filling in the forms. Everything is translated into a language one should be familiar to, and photoes show how the test is done, and the forms are filled in. This should make anybody capable participating on their own...

Do we need a DNA test for heriditairy cataract ( HC ) ?

N o, not desperately. It's not a disease, that is especially dominant within our breed. But cases do occur. And they give cause for much concern. Cataract rather seldom causes total blindness. But we eyetest our dogs for the disease, and we know it's there. And has been for quite many years.

Will there be much more cases in the future ? Will it stays the same ? We don't know. But it's a trouble brewer !  Who can, and will handle that in their breeding, when having an opportunity to get rid of it ? That's the question.

Many breeders want to avoid known and suspected carriers in the pedigrees. That is of course possible and understandable. But beautiful dogs with excellent breeding potential and results might be excluded from breeding for that reason. Health has to have the highest priority in any breeding programe. But all threats to a breeds health have to be evaluated as impartially and scientific as possible. No breed have no diseases.

We might have an opportunity to have this DNA-test for heriditairy cataract. But we have to collect some mouth swaps from the HC-cases. Swaps ? Yes - easy - just a small brush. On the site 
www.catarakt.dk  you can have ALL the information you need to participate. It SO easy.

SO - if you know of a HC case do have a look at
www.catarakt.dk   the owner or the breeder of the dog might not know of this considerable projekt ! You will find ALL nescessary information on the site on HOW to participate. You can do it !

The swaps are collected at the Animal health Trust ( AHT) in England (

The collection of swaps are supported by the following clubs in Scandinavia 
The contact persons mentioned below will supply you with testkits, and help you in any possible way:

The Miniature schnauzer Club in 
www. kaapiosnautseri.net &www.sksk.fi 
Need help ? Take contact to:
Nora Ylikylä 21 280 Raisio. Phone : 040-53 670 88 mail: 

The NorweigianSchnauzer Bouvier club  
Need help ? Take contact to:
Torill Adde:b.adde@online.no.
Phone 221 06 982
Nina Skjæran:varamedlem1@nsbk.org
Kirsten Somby:kirsten@somby.com
phone: 926 08 965

The Danish miniature Schnauzer club:
Need help? take contact to:
Chairman: Pia Nissen,

and Merete Stæhr-Nielsen, starling@privat.dk

In Sweden dont hesitate to take contact to any of the folowing persons for help

Ulla Hedström, 512 61 Kalv
Phone: 0325 35030
Puck Simenstad, 139 30 Värmdö
puck.simenstad@miniflash.se or puck.simenstad@gmail.com
Phone: 08 570 20477 / 0247 10914
cellphone: 0739 605178.

Ewa-Marie Kärrhammar, 718 91 Frövi
phone: 0581-71 070 / 076-80 44 703